Exhibition Design Trends You Need To Know

The marketing industry is an ever-changing environment, even with the below-the-line marketing. Marketers need to innovate to be able to capture the attention of their audiences, who are also changing as well.

That is why integrating the latest trends on exhibition events can bring fresh perspective on gathering the right people to see and experience the products and service these companies are offering and here are some of the exhibition trends that you should not miss:

  1. Integrate social media

Social media has been used rampantly to promote products online and on a personal level, a lot of people are using it to tell stories. But do you know that you can integrate social media on your exhibition stand? Yes, you can. Since technology plays a big part on booth designs, exhibition stand builder in Dubai is also integrating this function on their design to encourage booth visitors to share their experiences on a client’s booth. It actually has two functions, you can gather visitors’ data and promote you booth online for free by digital word of mouth.


  1. It should be target-driven

Gone are the days when the concept of having a booth is inviting all people to visit and try what you offer. This can be exhausting in terms of manpower as the staff need to accommodate all visitors even if they are not your target audience. Being target-centric is the new trend. You need to get the people that matter to come to your booth to complete the sales funnel. A few quality leads is more important than mass engagement that will not convert.


  1. Engagement is the key

Engagement is one of the biggest thing in marketing right now. For social media, it can comes easy. But with exhibitions, it is another story. To engage the target market, booth designers incorporate interactive features that would pique the curiosity of the audience. This could go from using technology like apps and gadgets to fun activities like games. Do not hesitate to include this on your booth concept.


  1. Exhibit to get more data

Aside from closing the deal and making a sale, exhibits can be a way to get more data. These data can be used to analyze the efficacy of your campaign as well used the data based to retarget booth visitors that did not convert.  With this strategy, you can improve your marketing plans and get a chance to convert cold leads to sales.


  1. It should be experiential

Another big thing that is important on hooking your audience is the experience. Having them see, touch, hear or smell whatever you are offering is a big factor on sales conversion. By applying experiential techniques on your below-the-line marketing like exhibition, you can showcase your offering into the next level. Read more about exhibition design trends by visiting this site.