Acquiring a global edge in business service companies

It is one thing to start a business service it is another to acquire success that is relevant in this digital age. To get a global edge in a service business is not merely an idealist construct but a reality that businesses in the UAE can actually leverage to make them more relevant to the global market.

Since the 1990s, more and more businesses have relied on offshore shared services and outsourcing business processes in order to reduce costs and to achieve economies of scale. However, the significant early business enhancements have reduced with time requiring that companies look at for models that are more transformative and that yield improvement that is sustainable.

The global business services model is a cross functional one and it integrates resources, systems, and capabilities all through the enterprise. The model included outsourcing that goes beyond improving operations. Today, companies that desire to take outsourcing to the next level need to be able to support core business processes in ways that are centralized, integrated, cross-functional and global.

To do this, businesses in the UAE have to consider the impact digital technologies will have on their organizations and how they should respond:-

  1. Technology

There are many technological choices out there and a business service company owner must be able to decide which ones to use, when and why.

One way to make sure technology does not work for you is to have a fragments IT systems and applications team. This will impede the proper functioning of the whole system. If getting a global edge is a priority, the technological considerations need to be in alignment with the company’s overall strategy.

  1. Talent

A successful business will be a compelling career opportunity. The best way that the business can attract promising employees is by training them in the most effective skills. They can then be outsourced to other companies that are in need of such services.

  1. Service delivery model

Service delivery models have been changing in the last couple of years. How the business owner thinks about this is very paramount to the business operation, for example, virtual Centers of Excellence have become very real in today’s world. How is the business to deal with the changes in the business landscape?

  1. Processes and Models

As you think of the changes in technology you may have to construct process differently. For example, having tourists book a hotel room through a website using fully automated systems instead of having a person on call to do the job manually.

  1. Service portfolio

Traditionally, portfolios have been organized around transactional work. As technology has been involved in the processes companies have now to look at different ways of presenting their work. How businesses present themselves to prospective clients will have to become very different as a result.

If anyone in the UAE is hoping to become a global business service leader, these are not factors that they can afford to brush off as irrelevant.