Tips On Choosing The Right Firm For Your Document Attestation

Document attestation is an important process that foreign nationalities should go through. It is a must that their papers and certificate should be attested so they have proper documents to present whenever they would need it.

But looking for a firm that would help you with this might be a little difficult, especially if you are quite new to the process. To help you scout the right firm, here are some tips that you can follow:


  • Knowledge of attestation process

Attestation of certificates and documents are different based on the jurisdiction. For example, the process of certificate attestation in UAE is different from other countries. So it is a must that your prospective firm is knowledgeable on the right process for your document legalization. What you can do to test this is to have prior knowledge of the process and compare their knowledge to your research. If the process is similar then this firm might be the one that you are looking for.


  • Can be trusted with your documents

There are cases that some documents get lost in the process due to carelessness. This is a serious matter for client. Moreover, these certificates and documents are sensitive and should be handled with outmost care. Pick a firm that is very particular with the safety of your documents, physical and otherwise. Lost documents can delay any application timeline that you have set as you need to process them again and it could take weeks to months, depending on the processing time of the institution. And once you have the documents, you will be back to square one of document attestation.


  • Can help you with other legal matters

Document attestation is just one legal matters that individuals seek to law firms. Knowledge is document attestation is one thing, but having expertise on other legal services would be plus points for these firms. Seek out a law firm that can provide an array of legal services to individuals. You will never know when you will be needing other legal services like personal property transfers and title of deed transfers.


  • Have the initiative to update clients on the status

Clients, once the document is submitted and the process started to roll, would always like to know the status or standing of their papers. You can make a follow up to the firm once in a while, but it would be a plus points for them if they can give you an update first. An initiative to inform is always appreciated by the clients.


  • Help explore remedies if there will be problems

Delays and problems are part of any document processing. Although this is a usual thing or norm, the firm and their representative should be able to find remedies to help solve any issues regarding the document attestation process.

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