5 Plus Size Dressing Myths Debunked

Plus sized women always find it challenging to look for clothes and garments that would give them a decent and flattering look. With all the rules set for plus sized dressing, the options became more limited and some women subsist to just the basics.

But those myths are obsolete and need to be busted so women of curves can have more choices when it comes to dressing and apparels. And here are some of the myths that are debunked and challenged:


Myth 1: Colors will make you look bigger


Plus sized are women are often limited when it comes to colors, as it might give them an unflattering and bigger look. But contrary to the popular belief, voluptuous women can also wear colorful dresses and apparels. Any color of choice will do given that the fit and cut complements the shape. There are a lot of plus size shops in Dubai that offers dresses in colorful variety. So do not be afraid to wear the color you want. Just ensure that the fit is right.


Myth 2: White is off limits

Another color that is off limits is white. As many have believe, white can make anyone look bigger, especially on camera. The trick here is to ensure that the fabric you are using is not that flimsy to avoid highlighting the bumps on your body. It would be best to pick a fabric that can provide support to your body type. And as always, the fit should be flawless and just right for your body type.


Myth 3: Say no to stripes

Another myth that many couturiers try to debunk today is the use of stripes in garments, especially for plus sized women. It is partly true that the stripes can be unflattering, especially the horizontal ones. But you can also use the stripes to make you appear smaller. The key here is to pick stripes in asymmetrical pattern. The color of the stripes can also play big role to make you look thinner and smaller. The use light-colored stripes over dark background can help achieve that results.

Myth 4: Go for the basics

Another limitation that many plus sized women encounter is the use of prints and patterns. The old belief that wearing just the basic and veering away from the patterns can actually make you look thinner and slimmer and going for trendier apparels can be a risk. But with today’s fashion innovations, plus sized women are now brave enough to wear patterns or the latest fashion offered by retailers and plus size online shopping stores. The key here is to mix and match your apparels wisely. Be mindful of the pattern and do not go over the place. Choose fabric that is flattering to your curve.

Myth 5: Volumes are good

Gone are the days when bulk clothing was used to hide body imperfections. The truth is, it is not flattering for all body types. The best way to pick a dress that show your curves nicely and hide those unflattering bumps you want to hide. Do not be afraid to show some skin, but remember not to cross the line of indecency.