Simple Ways to Save on Your Utility and Home Bills

Every home owner’s goal is to save some money from utility bills so they may allocate the budget for other use. But with the rise rates of utilities, it has become difficult to save some and at times, we even spend more just to ensure that our home needs are met.

But by just doing these little hacks, you are unknowingly saving yourself from high utility bills:

  1. Go for skylights

Apart from the aesthetics that they provide on a space, skylights can do wonder on your utility bill. Since they promote on bringing in light to a space, you can simply turn off the lights during the morning. A lot of establishments are utilizing the skylight to provide natural light to their commercial spaces and also bring down the light bill. You can do the same for your home. Install it on strategic places in your home that needs light.


  1. Reduce heat with solar films

One disadvantage of having skylight in your space is that it might cause the temperature to rise and it allow UV rays to enter to a space. But you can easily resolve that dilemma by putting sun control films on the glass panels of the skylights. Sun control films can reduce the temperature in a space by blocking the solar heat and protect you and your family from UV rays. Aside from saving on your light bills, this can also help reduce your electric bills as it helps in keeping the space cool.


  1. Encourage recycling

One way to reduce cost on any home is to promote the 3 R’s: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. These simple guiding principles helped save lots of homeowners a few bucks. As simple as reusing old plastic containers can save you from buying more food containers. Old clothes and garments can be upcycled to other useful things at home.


  1. Opt for gasless kitchen appliances

Gas appliances can definitely save some pennies, but there is a catch. Since it emits gasses, it help increase temperature inside your home which lead you maximizing the use of your air conditioners and fans. Switch to electric cooking ranges to lessen the greenhouse gasses inside your home. If you are not ready to switch just yet, just make sure that your kitchen appliances are maintained properly and install an exhaust fan to get rid of the smoke and smell while cooking.


  1. Lessen the use of paper towels

Paper towels are convenient. But if you are using it on a regular basis, it might add up to your home budget. Replace them with clothe towels instead. Just wash the towels regularly so you can reuse them. Store a limited number of paper towels so you can train your loved ones to use the alternative.

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