Some Misconceptions About Golf The Game

You may be passionate about any game and still be a keen follower of golf. It is important to know this as you might someday think about becoming one for some reason. The fact is the golf is a magnificent game for so many reasons some of which we will discuss here. On the contrary, your passion for golf once ignited will hardly go away. In fact, it is one of the reasons why so many people around the world become golf players so late in life. Keeping this in mind will at least let you understand the passion of golf and why it is so massively popular around the world.

A strange and rather uncomforting claim that is often made for this game is that it is only meant for rich. They point to the slightly expensive equipment as the reason why the game was never meant for poor or even middle class people. The fact that such allegations have been around since the game was invented. These allegations are totally baseless and here is why. Firstly, the allegation that equipment is expensive holds no worth as golf equipment is available at different prices which is the case with almost every sports being played around the world today. Critics also claim that it is difficult to become a member of golf courses in Dubai for a variety of reasons. Again, this allegation also falls flat on its face when find golf courses charging different prices from members. Another evidence is the increasing number of golf course members in the city which suggests that rates are coming down hence more members. Here is more on this:

Pay No Attention To Rumors

If you are looking to become a golfer soon there are several things you need to do to maintain your concentration on your passion. Perhaps the first of them can be that you need not to pay any attention on the rumors. Keep in mind that rumors are designed to drive you away from what you dearly want to do. Some of the rumors are plain stupid and make no sense. It is better to focus your attention on more productive things instead of wasting time on unproductive things.

So, you should instead be focusing on fine tuning your golf playing skills and getting ready to participate on the upcoming major golf tournament in Dubai so stay positive and focus on important things only.