The best kept secret for future energy efficient lighting systems – Induction lamps

We are now living in an era of diminished natural and power related resources, where every single step towards power saving has a hidden future for the next generation. As of today, induction lighting is one of the best kept secret for efficient energy lighting systems. An induction lamp is essentially a lamp with no electrodes or filaments and is a fluorescent light that brightens with high quality lighting systems. The lamp can have an extremely longer life; up to 100,000 hours compared with other filament lamps that burn out quite often.


The exact mechanism of these induction lights that can also be used as lighting for events Dubai are not new for this generation, as Thomas Alwa Edison was continuously working on increasing the efficiency of incandescent lamps, the induction lamp has rings of magnetic coils that create an electromagnetic field using high frequency waves. The field is created in a round shaped glass filled tube and the electrons released from the magnetic coils collide with atoms of mercury inside the glass tube and reach an excited stage. These electrons are responsible for releasing high beam light energy in the form of invisible UV light, which later gets converted to a visible light by passing it through a phosphor coating on the inner surface of the tube.


These lamps have ample positive characteristics, though they have a high initial cost. They have a very low maintenance and operation cost. They have a longer life and consume less energy. These lamps start off pretty faster, with no flickering or noise, and there is choice of temperature selection, from warm to cool white light with the user. Installation of these high energy and eco green induction lights are quite cheap and easy and are very less operators available for the same. A majority of companies and hotel furniture suppliers in Dubai that deal in this lighting option have separate wings for marketing and selling induction lights and a separate wing for installation and designing of induction lamps. Such companies have been rendering consistent services in the field of induction lighting while caring for the environment by offering a part of their profit for a good cause. They are also experts in induction light installation services at hard to reach locations, where continuous operation of lighting is essential at a lesser cost. Induction lamps also provide adequate warmth at supermarkets coolers and freezers where high lumen output with reliability and high-quality lighting is essential.