Things You Can Do To Upgrade Your Surveillance System

A surveillance system plays a big part on keeping your office premises safe. But in the course of time, the system might need some changes to keep up with the times.

If you are currently doing some inspection and upgrade on your security system, be sure to include these on your list of to dos:

  • Replace your cameras

CCTV cameras, like any other equipment, have their lifespan indicated on their boxes. And once they reached their term, it is a must they should be replaced. Some security managers think that since it is still working, there is no need for a replacement. But check the quality of video your old security cameras are providing. If they are not as sharp as they used to be, it would be best to replace them with HD for better video quality. There are modern CCTV system in Dubai that provides state-of-the-art cameras with much better surveillance system. It might be a little costly, but it can be sure you are getting a clear picture.


  • Organize employee system

With people going in and out of the company, it is hard to keep track on your records. But it is a must that you update your records to ensure the veracity of your security records. Over the years, there might be some changes amongst the in terms of appearance and records. Allot time to sort out your security records. If needed, have a photo organizing software that can help you update and file photos of personnel going in and out of the premises.


  • Check employee access

Apart from sorting out the records, you also need to double-check the access of each employee. Ideally, it should be done annually. There might be some employees who can access places and premises that they are not allowed to. This often happens during employee transfer and changes in the employee’s status. So include access checking on your security file organization.


  • Sweep the premises for uncovered spots

When setting up the security cameras and the surveillance system, security managers focus on obvious spots like the entrance and exit doors. But there might be some areas that are not covered by the surveillance cameras. Do a thorough sweep on the premises and see if there are hallways, corners, or spots that don’t have CCTV camera installed. Assess whether these uncovered spots are necessary for surveillance and if they belong to that category, get your security team to install one.


  • Check your current security policy

Security policies are created to ensure that the office perimeter is protected and each employee has a role on implementing these security measure. But overtime, some policies become redundant and obsolete. Review your security policies once in a while and see what aspect you can improve and change.