Breastfeeding is vital in childbirth

Babies are an integral part of mother’s life and taking utmost care of them is not just a responsibility but ingrained in a mother’s nature. It is the first few years that are of great importance when it comes to a child’s health.

Breastfeeding is very important for healthy growth of a baby as breast milk is easy to digest in comparison to formula or even cow’s milk. Mothers should be aware of the fact that newborns require feeding about every 2 – 3 hours; though it should not be forced because breast feeding in Dubai is not a specific science and babies may form their own patterns. You should take note that in case of both breastfeeding and bottle feeding, a child must never be fed with cow’s milk unless he is over 1 year of age. Formula should be avoided as much as possible because if not fed at regular intervals, breasts might become engorged and might even stop producing milk which can be a problem for a baby’s health. If the baby is formula fed, then he should be fed about every 2 – 4 hours.

Also, babies less than 4 months of age must not be fed with any kind of solid food at all as the digestive system is not developed enough to digest it. Even if you do feed the child with solid food after 4 years of age, take note that maximum calories must come from formula or breastfeeding only.

Summers can also be a problem for children because here are not many fluids that a bay can intake. It is thence very important that breastfeeding or Formula must be provided in appropriate amounts so that the baby’s needs are met. If the baby is formula fed, then a minimum of 500 ml – 600 ml is essential. Boiled water, fruit or vegetable juices could also be an alternative in such cases. In all, about 120 ml of these in a day would suffice. You should take note that aerated drinks or juices with artificial sweeteners and colorings must be avoided as they hamper growth of teeth and also cause tooth decay.

If truth be told, there are countless benefits that breastfeeding has to offer. As per experts at Malaak.ME, breastfeeding mothers also get to lose their pregnancy weight much quickly as compared to those who opt to bottle feed their newborns.