Fascinating Travel Attractions of Dubai

Dubai is one of the famous cities in world. Every year tourists make their ways towards this city. You can’t deny that Dubai attracts the tourists from across the globe. You get everything in Dubai whatever you look for. People desire to see the awe-inspiring sky scrapers; they get to see it in Dubai. In the Middle-east Asia Dubai id considered as one of the famous tourist’s place. It is equipped with exotic beaches which smoothens up the air moreover it is equipped with the perfect malls. It is not bad to call Dubai as the one stop city for all your vacation needs.

And once you come to Dubai, you can also travel to the cities that are near to Dubai. You must have heard about Musandam tour, you can go to Musandam from Dubai easily. There are many companies that offer you different packages for it

If you wish to visit some of the exotic places of Dubai then here are some of the attractions of Dubai which should be in your wish list.


What else can be better than going out on beaches in the hot sunny days? The alluring beaches of Dubai are enough to feed your soul with calmness. Dubai has some of the amazing beaches where you can enjoy yummy food and drinks. Some of the famous beaches are Jebel Ali Beach, Jumeirah Beach and Mamzar beach. These 3 beaches are very popular and tourists love to spend their day on these beaches.

Sand dunes

If you are an action movie lover, you must have seen your favorite hero in action! You most have seen your favorite hero riding the 4-wheeler in full speed in the desert. Now in Dubai you too can experience it. Dubai gives you the opportunity to experience the same level of adventure. You can go for desert safari where you can enjoy the same action in 4-wheeler or you can enjoy other rides too such as camel rides. Moreover, you can plan the overnight desert safari as well.


Dubai is the perfect shopping destination but yes you need to keep it in mind that this shopping destination is a bit expensive. You get to see all the brands in Dubai. Be it Versace or you want to buy Gucci, you can get everything there. If you wish to know more about some amazing destinations in Dubai then visit website.